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DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Unboxing, 4K 60P Slow Motion and More

Last week DJI releaed a newest model of DJI Phantom 4 serires to replace the Phantom 4, the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced, this is a new model that is stronger than Phantom 4, but weaker than Phantom 4 Pro, offer more purchase options to DJI Phantom 4 series consumer. 

From the photo you can see DJI Phantom 4 Advanced box's overall design is still very simple, this time, as always, using a wide range of white as the main colors, it looks simple but with superior quality.

The reason why DJI Phantom 4 Advanced's packaging can be done so thin, in fact, because there is a high-strength and high-elastic EPP material suitcase inside, with light weight while ensuring the strength, and can effectively absorb vibration and pressure, strong and durable, this means that there is no need for a short time to buy a box for DJI Phantom 4 Advanced.

Inside the box placed a variety of accessories, in order to ensure practicality, inside the suitcase also reserved 2 battery compartments. In terms of ac…

DJI Tinest Drone DJI Spark Disassemble Photos Leaked, With Horizontal Transverse Lens & Obstacle Avoidance Sensor

Recently online news about the new upcoming DJI Drone - DJI Spark is up more gradually. After the real machine appearance spy photos and gimbal running video, and now there are a large number of Spark dismantling photos were exposed, can look at the internal structure of the new machine, it is estimated that there are obstacle sensors.

In addition, DJI Spark's aerial camera seems to be supported by the two-axis gimbal, similar with DJI Inspire 2, it seems only to change the pitch angle up and down. However, because the aerial lens built-in camera, there is a certain virtual position between the camera & body, so there is an analysis that means the lens can be moved horizontally to correct the horizontal amplitude. Does DJI Spark's gimbal system be 2-axis or 3-axis? It is still hard to assert.

Following are DJI Spark Disassemble Photos Leake

↑ ↑ ↑ Spark size is only equivalent to an ordinary iPad mini, previously measured body length of about 14cm.

↑ ↑ ↑ Spark body weight i…

DJI Upcoming Mini Drone DJI Spark Is A Racing Drone?

DJI Upcoming Mini Drone is DJI Spark, and it already leaked real photos, with 2.4GHz~5.8GHz frequency. The appearance of DJI MM1A looks like Yuneec Breeze, it has around 13cm length, smaller than DJI Mavic and iPad MINI, but its arms can’t be folded like DJI Mavic. The installing way of propellers should be fast disassembly type. The gimbal seems two axis with ultrasonic and optical flow sensor, the battery design is similar to that of Mavic. The battery of DJI Spark has four metal touch point, which should be charged without taking the battery down .......

From the current known news, DJI Spark looks like a racing drone, it is easy to carry the integrated body, it's ready to fly don't need your DIY. From the latest spy photos, Spark wheelbase to meet the range of drone racer 180-250, compact body, very convenient to fly anytime, anywhere.

It uses a replaceable battery design, to solve the DIY Racer a few minutes no electricity embarrassment. Its motor and paddle looks like wi…