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J.ME 4K Camera FPV Drone With MTK Hello X20, 2-Axis Gimbal & Obstacle Avoidance

Feima Robotics is a new drone manufacturer, the team was founded by several former executives of Lenovo, committed to creating portable, safe, easy to use drone. they brought their first consumer-class unmanned aerial vehicles J.ME flying selfie artifact, which is the first mini camera drone based on the MediaTek processor.
Feima Robotics J.ME not the smallest drone, but probably the most practical one, its main features APP control, Follow Me shooting. With 4-axis rotor design, the overall body only bigger than the palm, the user can easily carry. Equipped with smallest 2-axis gimbal all over the world,4K camera which can shoot 4K/30 fps video and 12MP pictures, up to 23 minutes of flight time, advanced intelligent tracking and obstacle avoidance functions and easy manipulation.

Not Smallest One But Balanced Configuration
Feima Robotics J.ME size is 169x169mm, a little bigger than Zerotech Dobby, weighs about 550 grams (machine with battery), heavier than other small unmanned aerial …

Zerotech Hunter Leaked, Looks Like DJI Mavic

Some photos of Zerotech new product, the Hunter, have been leaked, come with folding arm design, very compact size, it is slightly smaller than DJI's first folding drone MAVIC. The battery compartment occupies a large part of the body space, it speculated that duration should be relatively dobby's seven minutes have greatly improved.

With an insider revealed the aircraft life time up to 15 minutes +, and the image transmission distance of up to 1.5KM +

But unfortunately, there is no positive picture of the aircraft, whether equipped with mechanical three-axis gimbal is not known. In order to save costs, still use electronic stability is also possible. This mini folding muotirotor will be a strong competitor to DJI MAVIC,  please stay tuned.

Why DJI Phantom 3 SE Is More Worth Buying Than Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K, Look Here

China drone manufacturer DJI Innovations released their latest products, DJI Phantom 3SE, and has started pre-sale, at the same time Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K also began to sell. Originally wanted to buy a mi drone 4k, but now it seems Phantom 3SE more worth buying, then let's compare these two concerns entry-level 4K aerial photography drone -- DJI Phantom 3SE & Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K.

Drone Look Phantom 3SE continued the Phantom 3 series of classic designs, Mi Drone 4K except for some details, only little difference with the 1080P version, the most significant change is the addition of gold decoration.  Mi Drone 4K upgrade to the quick disassembly propeller, and it uses a folding landing gear design, put in the bag is not difficult, but unfortunately there is no professional photography bag. Phantom 3SE shape is through a number of generations of product practice, a word - stable. DJI launched a professional camera bag and many accessories, but unfortunately can not be loaded into the …

Unboxing Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K In Here, With 5 Major Hardware Upgrade

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K version will be listed on March 3, priced at 2999 yuan (battery retail price of 499 yuan). Compared to 1080p version, Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K version has gone through more than 400 software optimization, in addition to five major hardware upgrades, the use of experience will be a higher level.

Compared to Xiaomi Mi Drone 1080P Version, 4K version uses two sets of independent heterogeneous IMU and compass sensor, this is the same level in the UAV is rare. Flight controllers in real-time monitoring two-way integration of sensor data and for comparison, to ensure the accuracy of flight data.

At the same time, 4K version made an optimization in terms of battery duration, 1.2mm ultra-thin process with lightweight body design. Battery adopt 4.35V high-voltage lithium polymer batteries as a matching power supply, composed of four batteries in series, standard voltage 15.2V, capacity 5100mAh, total power 77.52Wh, life time up to 26 minutes.

In terms of aerial photography, 4K ver…