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Zerotech Release Handheld Pocket Gimbal Camera Rollcap, With 3-axis Image Stabilization

Zerotech Rollcap Handheld Pocket PTZ Camera Released Yesterday, This product is designed to be very compact, Built in stability augmentation PTZ, surpport HD Recording, Its selling point is portability. It uses the shape of ice cream cones, this second member of Zerotech Pocket Serie.

Rollcap uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 945 mAh capacity battery, officials said about 110 minutes available for 4K video capture after full charge. Rollcap weights 219g, only slightly heavier than the iPhone 7 Plus (188g), it's portable and easy grip handheld.

Zerotech Rollcap Handheld Pocket Camera equiped a 13MP camera, lens maximum viewing angle of 94 °, you can shoot 4K high-definition picture or stability augmentation high-definition video, hidden microphone design, excellent noise control, while shooting video simultaneously miking. Rollcap also built a variety of shooting modes, such as time-lapse photography, slow-motion photography, a plurality of continuous shooting, HDR, timer s…