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JJRC H20W Cheapest & Best WiFi FPV Hexacopter RC

JJRC H20W is the update version of JJRC H20, like my previous blog post, JJRC H20 is a good nano hexacopter to fly indoor and outdoor, it's a good choice for beginners. Then this update WiFi version JJRC H20C of course is a good entry level mini hexacopter. JJRC H20W WiFi FPV hexacopter that comes with a 2MP camera that streams video to your phone, headless mode, one key return, and flip mode.  

JJRC H20W hexacopter drone retains the body design of the original JJRC H20, but adds a WiFi FPV module, making it one of the cheapest and one of the few micro hexacopters with FPV. The function WiFi FPV is a feature that adds first person view to a drone via transmission of video on WiFi. To be able to view the live feed though, you require an additional smart device that works as the viewfinder, and the video will be save to your phone.

JJRC H20W Flight Video
And the battery also been upgraded from a 150 mAh to 280 mAh, the battery adopt removeble design like H20, and with battery protect…

JJRC H20 VS MJX X900, Which One Is Better?

JJRC H20 and MJX X901 are the same entry level hexacopter, both in performance and price, if you are thinking about buy one of those two models, in this comparison review you will find out which one is better for you between the MJX X901 Nano Hexacopter and the JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter. 
JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter and MJX X900 Nano Hexacopter also comes with nicely packaged, the first thing you notice is the H20 comes with propeller guards preinstalled, more likely to avoid any damage if crashed, for beginners, especially for players with small children, the H20 more safty than X901. Both these Hexacopters look extremely well made: the X901 made in very strong rigid ABS plastic; and the H20 in a thinner plastic favored by the Micro class Quadcopters and Hexacopters. 

Turning both Hexacopters over you will see that the X900 has a battery that is enclosed in the body shell but the battery of the H20 Nano Hexacopter is detachable. This is great feature as you do not get a long flying time w…

Cheerson CX-35 Phantom Quadcopter, The DJI Phantom Of Mid-range Drone

The new drone from Brand Chinese Drone Manufacturer Cheerson Hobby, the Cheerson CX-35 is a FPV Camera Quadcopter comes to Ready To Fly (RTF), with a very attractive design and complete 5.8 G first person view system. The angle of the 2 MP camera can be remotely adjusted (+/- 45°). This indicates Cheerson Hobby probably want to capture the mid-range drone market with with its brand value and affordable prices along with innovative features in this year.

Let's look at the features of this new model from Cheerson Hobby: It features One Key To Take Off, which allows the control more convenient and it is more suitable for new player. With One-key to land function, is more convenient for controlling and suitable for new players. And when flying far that can't be seen, it can automatically come back by pressing one key to return botton. Cheerson CX-35 adopts 6-axis gyro stable system which makes it with easy operation and good stability. Barometric altitude hold system and auto-hover …

Hubsan X4 H501S FPV Quadcopter with 1080p Camera Arrive In Stock

Hubsan H501S is an X4-configuration quadcopter with integrated 1080p video camera and included 4.3" FPV transmitter (radio controller), With a 1080p camera, FPV capability, and GPS, what more could you ask for? The new H501S X4 quadcopter from Hubsan may style itself “for beginners,” but it has features will make the pros go green with envy.

GPS is an essential component of most autonomous flight control systems. For one thing, it allows Automatic Return Home, a great feature to invoke in a pinch or provide automatic recall in the event of signal connection failure. It also makes the Follow Me function possible, where the H501S will automatically track a moving subject. Finally, Headless Mode takes care of the problem of orientation; whichever way you press the stick the quadcopter moves, regardless of which way the “nose” is pointing. This makes flying very intuitive for beginners.

Putting you in the pilot’s seat, the H501S FPV features a 4.3” LCD screen built into the transmitt…

Walkera F210 Racing Drone Install Camera Holder For Carry 4K camera

Walkera F210 Racing Drone Install Camera Holder For Carry 4K camera(support Gopro & 808 camera), help the raceing quadcopter to achieve 4K HD shooting, recording every wonderful moment of flight.

Let's Find out how to install the Walkera F210 camera holder

1. First we look at the whole picture of the camera holder

2. The camera holder stuck in front of aircraft battery fixed plate, then locked screw

3. Below is old battery fixing plate, only one screw holes on the side 

4. New battery fixing plate, you can purchase it

5. There are shock absorber on the camera holder, ensure better quality of shooting, the camera holder can adjust the camera's angle, to meet different user requirements for shooting angle.

Materials needed: a. battery holder (F210-Z-10) more than two holes. b. The camera holder (with 4 shock absorber ball), and the frame can be rotated c. Ties d. two screws e. Camera
It's very simple, just the camera holder is inserted into the hole of the battery holder …

Tips You Need To Know Before You Fly Cheerson CX-10 Nano Quadcopter

If you are thinking of buying Cheerson CX-10 Nano RC Quadcopter, Then see this article for loads of cool and useful tips and troubleshooting techniques. THE BASICS
There is a front and a back to all quadcopters! The front of the Cheerson CX-10 quadcopter is the direction with the blue LEDs. The back of the quadcopter has red LEDs and the On/Off switch.
The right-hand control stick moves the quadcopter forward, backward, left and right. These directions will always be from the perspective of the quadcopter, no matter which way it is facing or has rotated.
The left-hand control stick on the transmitter controls the throttle (up/down) as well as the yaw, which controls the rotation (spin left or right) of the quadcopter. CHARGING
Use the provided USB charging cable to charge your quadcopter from a computer. Do not attempt to use an iPhone/iPad, etc wall charger as that may damage the battery.

Never leave your charging quadcopter unattended or plugged in for longer than necessary. All lithiu…

MJX X906T 5.8G FPV HD Camera RC Quadcopter, With Lily Camera Drone Style

MJX Toys listed a new product of X-Series recently, in their official website is currently only a a little information about this new model. It named MJX X906T, come with a HD camera and fpv function, equiped 5.8G real-time images transmission system that offers you much more converient experience. About the transmitter, with a 2.31 inch LCD screen, adopt 2.4GHz radio control technology. 
The most eye-catching features is the airframe design, it looks like a clone of Lily camera drone, more than ninety percent of similarity, I don't expect its function beyond the Lily drone, but at least I hope that the gap is not too large. 
What's your opinion about this clone of Lily camera - MJX X906T? Do you think it will be a new flagship model of MJX?
Visit the official website to know more details, here is link
Here are pictures of MJX X906T

Syma X5HW Video & Picture Leaked

Syma X5HW is an update version of the classic X5SW and includes features such as headless mode, flip mode, multiple speeds, a WiFi camera that streams video to your phone, altitude hold etc new feature. 

Syma X5HW listed @geekbuying, you can check it in here

Here is flip video of Syma X5HW

Real Shot Pictures

XINLIN X163 2MP Camera Headless Mode 6Axis RC Quadcopter

XINLIN X163 equipped with FPV system, 2Mp camera allows to capture aerial videos as well as photos. Unlike other drones, the memory card is inserted (loaded) in the remote controller and not in the camera. And it support headless flight mode and one key return to home, but not GPS based!

It listed +GeekBuying for $79.99, if you like this XINLIN X163 camera drone quadcopter, purchase it from here

2MP 720P HD camera, High resolution camera gives you more clear and high quality wonderful views from different angles.
With Headless Mode, no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying.
One key to return function makes it easily to find the way home.
Smooth hovering performance is a great friend of photos and videos capturing.
360 degree rollover function, enjoy more fun of rolling.
With 2 Speed Mode. There are low and high speed modes optional. From low to high speed, the flight difficulty will increase with the speed.
It has 6-axis gyro which can ha…

JJRC H28C & JJRC H28W Modular Quadcopter, With Removable Arms

The most prolific drone manufacturer of the year 2015, JJRC was certainly one of them, and they keep up this ascendant trend in 2016, recently JJRC released two new products: JJRC H28C (camera version) and JJRC H28W (wifi fpv) model, Both come with a cool modular eye-catching design. 

The ingenious modular design which allows to disable and mount back the arms. This feature is very useful in case we want to transport or deposit the drone. In the same time, in case of a crash or motor failure, you can replace only the damaged arm in just two minutes. This design looks pretty nice, it comes in black with red, green, blue, and yellow on the arms, there are 2 leds in the front and 1 in the back to help you with the orientation on this quadcopter.

H28C & H28W are powered by the same 2s 1200mAh battery, which allows about 10-12 minutes of flight time. Remote control range is up to 200 meters, which can be probably improved by adding a Wi-Fi antenna to the transmitter.

The only differenc…

FAQ: All About DJI Phantom 4

DJI has just announced the Phantom 4, the latest in the company's line of camera-equipped quadcopters. Of course the newer version flies faster for longer and has a better camera, but the headline feature is the addition of new autonomous flight features that make the drone easier to fly, easier to film, and harder to crash. Look the official promotion video. 

Although not very fond of its look design, but its features is indeed very powerful, so before you purchase it you need know more about this Phantom 4, Below is DJI Phantom 4 FAQ.

Q: 1. What is ActiveTrack?

A: ActiveTrack allows an aircraft to track a moving subject without a separate GPS tracker. Simply tap on the mobile device screen inside the DJI GO app to select the subject to be tracked. The aircraft will lock on the subject and start tracking it automatically from a safe distance.
Q: 2. What is TapFly?

A: TapFly means you can fly in any direction with a tap of the finger, without a remote controller. With Obstacle Avoid…