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Newest FQ777-126C Pocket Hexacopter With HD Camera

If you are mini quadcopter enthusiast, you must know FQ777-124 this pocket quadcopter, now FQ777-124 upgraded version -- the FQ777-126C coming, with a HD Camera, and one key return, one key to switch mode 1 & mode 2, headless mode, 360 degree eversion etc functions. There are three colors: black, white and red, customized transmitter design, have a storage box for the drone as well as spare parts. It will available soon on Geekbuying, are you expect it?

FQ777-126C Features
 Unique printing and attractive color design. Small size allows you to fly indoor with limited space.
 The customized controller is also a storage box for the drone and spare parts.The special controller can achieve: carry the drone/carry spare parts/recharge the drone.Therefore, you can enjoy flying this mini drone anywhere & anytime. Controller is designed with MODE1/MODE2 one key swith, which allows everyone to play this drone.
 The MINI POCKET DRONE is also set up with CF mode(headless) and one key return, …

HeadPlay HD FPV Headset w/ 40ch 5.8GHz Receiver

The new HeadPlay HD FPV Headset is packed full of features that every FPV enthusiast will enjoy. This headset was designed from the ground up with the FPV pilot in mind, with quality, performance and comfort at the forefront. The headset gently rests on the forehead/cheeks spreading the weight out evenly, which compared to many video goggles which rest on the bridge of the nose instead. Three straps securely hold the HeadPlay HD in place while at the same time blocking light coming in from the outside. The end result is a cinematic experience that is sure to impress. This headset is a great choice for FPV pilots that struggle to find a traditional FPV goggle that meets their Interpupillary distance (IPD). Instead of each eye having to look through separate optics, the new HeadPlay HD presents the pilot with one large screen. We've tested the HeadPlay HD with eye glasses and were able to make it work, even though the HeadPlay HD does not officially support wearing eye glasses at th…

Walkera Furious 320 FPV Racer Drone Quadcopter with DEVO 10 Transmitter RTF

Walkera Furious 320 FPV Racer Drone Quadcopter is called mini version of DJI Inspire, in the overall structure have significant improvements compared with Wlkera Runner 250 Advance. Needless to say on appearance, absolutely cool; in addition to appearance, the new Walkera Furious 320 compared to Runner 250 Advance, Furious 320 faster than Runner 320.  Adopted 4S 2600mAh 25C high-capacity battery, offer longer flight time. The original self-locking blade, but a larger size, advantages of Self-locking paddle is: simple disassembly, convenient and quick, to meet most players of pursuit of speed. 
Walkera Furious 320 Features
Its speed can be up to 120km / h, it can fly faster and more stably,
it has smaller angle when the racer leans forward.
Axis pitch / More powerful
The racer can rotate, roll, and flip freely.
HD pictures record the rapid outbreak and every wonderful moment,
which enable the user to experience the excitement and passion!
High speed flight/ More …

JJRC H20W 2.4G 6-Axis Mini Hexacopter With WIFI FPV 2.0MP 720P HD Camera

JJRC H20W is the update version of JJRC H20C, it come with wifi fpv function, and like the 20C, also equipped a  2.0MP 720P HD Camera, support 3D Flip One Key to Return CF Mode etc. Its main highlight is wifi fpv function, you can control the drone and view real-time images on the phone after connected via wifi. This JJRC H20W Mini Hexacopter RTF now on pre-sale at Geekbuying for $45.99, it will be in stock on March 15.

JJRC H20W Features:
4CH and 6-axis gyro for stable and smooth flight
Capable of some really cool stunts like 360° flips and rolls
Can be easily controlled to rise, fall, fly forward or backward, turn left or right, fly sideward, and hover
2.0MP 720P camera with picture taking and video recording functions
Wi-Fi connectivity lets you control the drone and view real-time images on the phone
Headless mode avoids the hassle of identifying the head and tail when you start to fly
Return to and land at the take-off location at the touch of a button
Four colorful LED lights add visibil…

DIY Motor Protection Case Costless For Your Drone, Looking Here

When we fly the rc drone quadcopters, encountered crash etc problem is inevitable, this is not about your fly skill level. So how to minimize the loss of crash becomes important, so let's see this tutorial to learn how to DIY Motor Protection Case Costless For Your Drone. 
First step is prepare materials needed: Suitable size bottle cap, knife and a screwdriver(for drilling)

The following step it's sample, so pls see pictures

You got this new skill? It is very easy right, hope it's useful for you, if you like it pls share it to more people. 
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New FlySky i6s 10-channel remote control

FlySky 2016 new product FlySky i6s, come with the receivers IA6B, it is said that can receive Flysky other different types transmitter signals(i'm not sure); User interface using a capacitive touch screen, the whole look is very simple. Like the previous Flysky I6's battery, using four AA batteries, more specific parameters still unclear temporarily.
It will be available on end of February, here is the real picture of this Flysky i6s 10-channel remote control

Cheerson CX-10W: First Mini Camera Quadcopter With FPV Function Of Cheerson

Following the Cheerson CX-10C, Cheerson Hobby has released a new mini camera drone quadcopter--Cheerson CX-10W, compared with Cheerson CX-10C, in terms of functionality no great surprise, the eye-catching feature is like the FQ777-954, it's a mini camera quadcopter support FPV function. Do you think this Cheerson CX-10W will be successful like their Cheerson CX10 series?
FQ777- 954 WIFI FPV 0.3MP Camera Mini Quadcopter For $35.99 @Geekbuying
Here is complete information about this Cheerson CX-10W:

Item name: CX-10W Mobile Control Flying Camera 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis RC Quadcopter
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4CH
Gyro: 6 axis
Material: ABS
Quadcopter Size: 62 x 62 x 20mm
Quadcopter Weight: 15g
Color:Golden、Rosy Red、Light Grey、Dark Grey
Blade size: 30mm
Flight time: about 4 minutes
Charging time: About 60 minutes
Control distance: about 15-30M
Flight distance: about 15-30M
Battery for quadcopter: 3.7V 150mAh
Camera: 0.3MP

CX10C Mini Camera Quadcopter For $27.99
*4 channels wi…