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SongYang X25 3D Roll RC Flying Car with 2MP Camera

We are not familiar with this manufacturers, but it's not important, compared with popularity the product innovation and product performance is more important, right?

SongYang X25 RC car-quadcopter hybrid is pretty cool, and with a good price, have two version: Standard and Advance, the difference is advance version equipped with a 2MP camera, it cost $57.99, the standard for $46.99. You can pre-order from GeekBuying.

The X25 equipped a 3.7V 650mAh battery, it incluided in the package, the duration is 7 minutes, recharging time about 90 minutes. It support one key to return function, makes it easily to find the way home, with two speed switch, control more freedom, you are free to choose the mode; 8 Channel which can do ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideward fly, rolling 360° , four Direction Control on the ground. With colorful flashing light, possible for night fly. The remote control distance of 2.4G transmitter more than 60 meters, but you have to…

The things you don't know about drone's smart lithium battery, Part II

Part II: Smart lithium battery point defects

1. A substantial increase in costs

Core of smart lithium battery is management circuitry, this part of the circuit board, management chip, single-chip, MOS tubes etc constitute the main parts. Such a battery management module, based on a battery pack for each unit of corresponds to supporting that is, each lithium battery pack requires additional management on such a same circuit. These increases in production costs, without exception, require the user to pay. You may have noticed that the price of the popular drone smart lithium batteries are not cheap, Because in their smart battery has a set of independent charge and discharge management circuits, as well as other additional features.

2. Non-defective product rate and production capacity reduce

In order to avoid the occurrence of after-sale problems, in the production process will take more time to detect and selection. The time it takes to detect will cause a decline in production capac…

The things you don't know about drone's smart lithium battery, Part I

From the business structure, drones lithium battery becomes intelligent, It is a good direction and forms. Conversely, this form of business model also makes more profit potential. In our daily life, smart lithium has been everywhere, laptops, cell phones, and many mobile devices, already adopted the smart lithium battery. UAVs power lithium battery, it is the transition to smart lithium. However, this article, do not speak of this trend,  we talk about drones smart lithium batteries advantages and disadvantages.

Part I: How ordinary batteries become intelligent

Batteries, we are not unfamiliar, no matter what technology, what material manufacture, it is just a power storage medium. Power through the battery terminals to load (electrical equipment) energy exchange (use of electrical equipment to do work). Disposable battery is dead, the device needs to put a new battery; rechargeable battery is dead, fully charged can continue to use. But, when the applications conditions become more c…

New version Walkera RUNNER 250 Racer Quadcopter

For Racer Quadcopter players, Walkera's name must not unfamiliar, according to the Forum related posts, there are a lot of players love it. Now let us look at the new version Walkera RUNNER 250 Advance.

What new features of the new version? At first, you can get some idea from the appearance - Camera "thick", and "eyes" big, the most important is to increase the "tail" (GPS antenna).

Compared to the old version, the new version RUNNER 250 Advance has the following improvements

1, increasing the GPS function, with GPS / GLONASS positioning double star,
2, increasing buzzer alarm function
3, the new flight control system
4, the camera "evolution" to 1080P 60fps / 1200 megapixel (old is 800TVL), support 1080P video recording (memory card can be inserted)
5, increase the heading indicator (airplane left or right turn, corresponds to the left or right will light).